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The Sanctum is business simulator of the adult kind, in a modern world where elves, orcs and other races exist. 

You live a rather quaint life in the underground city of Korthaven, a city ruled by a power hungry dark elven council. In the eve of a passing of one such politician, you get a knock on your door and a rather beautiful visitor, an elf named Kim. She informs you that you are the bastard son of a dark elven lord and that you've inherited his property and fortune. This includes Kim, a slave.  

There are provisions to the will however. You must use the money to convert an old temple into a "den of pleasure". A den of pleasure called "The Sanctum".


-Money management game play

-Countless sex scenes

-Riveting Three Act story-line about betrayal, politics and celestial meddling. 

(Early Access right now.)

Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
PublisherTop Hat Studios
AuthorsLa Cucaracha Studios, Top Hat Studios, Inc.
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Average sessionA few seconds


TheSanctum 0.1c PC 303 MB
TheSanctum 0.1c Android 316 MB

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Can you put a warning that you play as a orc? Would have never downloaded in the first place



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So you'd rather mislead people into wasting their time. Congrats, you're a trash person. No  wonder the game is making nothing.


Is there any cheats ? just to speed up things ?

No point in putting cheats yet, there's no gameplay till 0.2. Once we get there, I'll make cheats. 

No worries.. Really looking forward to what you do :)

welp can't install on itch, the button says "go to site" and  now I can't see the anywhere the download button on the site. :D help

hmm weird now i can see download.....?

Had to delete and reupload. Should be good now!

(2 edits)

good artstyle, not bad plot, nice girls :)

i like it

edit: elves and orcs don't interbreed with each other. This to races can't have babies together. But both races can have half-human child. 

edit2: I know this plot is already written but it would be nice to choose gender and race of MC

why it isn't compatible for my phone? it's Android I didn't see any problem?

I just tried it on my phone. It's good. Tell me what the problem is exactly?

I've try downloading it and it ok but I can't install it somehow it keep saying it isn't compatible for my phone.Does it a problem withy phone or something?

So download the v7a version


Thanks for that ,I've played it and it's good with a pretty good storyline